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Aggressive Retsuko Episode 55

Here’s your weekly dose of downtrodden animals: episode 55.

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Aggressive Retsuko Episode 52+53+54

We’re alive! Or at least I am. Here’s the torrents: 52, 53, 54. I apologize for the delay, Horse has unfortunately been suffering from severe insomnia and other stuff the last couple of weeks, and I wasn’t sure what would … Continue reading

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The Name Game

So, a certain horse suggested I explain the names we picked for the Retsuko characters, and uh…I have no will of my own. These are completely unofficial, so don’t expect them to be anywhere near accurate if someone legit ever … Continue reading

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Aggressive Retsuko Character Bios + MEEEEEEEE

Greetings. I am the pot roast of hospitality, and I come bearing gifts! Aggressive Retsuko character bios, for all the good little girls and boys! And for the squids. Keep in mind that we are in no way affiliated with … Continue reading

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