Aggressive Retsuko Character Bios

Bios translated from official site

A beautiful secretarybird employed as the secretary of the company president. Although she takes great pride in her work and has a sharp eye for detail, she’s fed up with her boss’s incompetence and his treatment of staff. Very aloof in the office, but likes to date in her free time.

Ape Admin
Hard-working female Section Administrator of the Marketing Department. Contrary to her intense physical features, she’s a very kindhearted person who seldom speaks her mind. When people point out the stark difference between her apish appearance and feminine fashion sense, she goes home and cries into her pillow.

Hog Honcho
A chauvinistic Duroc Pig who doesn’t think women belong in the workplace, but should instead be serving tea. Loves golf and drinking, and every night he takes the younger employees barhopping with him. His temperament varies wildly, so his subordinates often have to watch what they say around him. Doesn’t stop to consider the opinions of others. It’s his way or the highway. Keeps a case of antiperspirant and deodorant under his desk.

Buffalo Boss
A buffalo who pushes work onto others at the last minute due to his poor time management skills. Plays the stock market instead of doing his work. When he finally notices that deadlines are approaching, he doesn’t hesitate to pile his responsibilities onto his subordinates. Despite his incompetence at managing business schedules, he never fails to clock out on time. On days when his superior, Hog Honcho, isn’t in, he leaves early to watch baseball games.

Chief Clerk Amir
An effeminate meerkat who likes to tell stories that nobody wants to hear. His desire to climb the corporate ladder is so strong that he’ll blindly follow orders from superiors, and he makes every effort to steal the credit for his underlings’ accomplishments.
Always gives powerpoint presentations in Edit Mode. When things don’t go his way, he takes out his anger on his subordinates.

A hippo with a loud and annoying voice. She’s not a bad person, though. In spite of her age, she reacts to everything by giggling and hopping around excitedly, which causes the entire office building to shake. There are several partner companies who have deemed her a persona non grata, but she’s oblivious to the fact. Whenever those companies request a meeting, several of the other employees jump up and shout “Oh, I’ll do it!” to prevent her from going. She’s constantly bombarding people with pictures of her kids in an effort to show off her motherly side.

A komodo dragon that always has something to say whenever anything goes wrong. When she gets angry, she flings papers everywhere hysterically. Generally unreasonable.

Female employee who joined the company in the same year as Retsuko. Retsuko is grateful to have her around, as she shares her displeasure for their crappy bosses. Avoids talking about her private life.

A hyena with a crooked jaw that joined the company around the same time as Retsuko. Spends all his time fishing for brownie points; it is his firm belief that success in life is dependent on one’s fishing prowess. He hates being called ‘crooked,’ so he always interrupts people before they can finish words like ‘cruise’ or ‘crude.’ Likes to stick his nose in Retsuko’s business, but it’s uncertain why he does it.

A handsome maned wolf who joined the company after Retsuko. Gets away with putting the minimum amount of effort into his work. It’s rumored that he’s quite the lady-killer. Believes that the pointier your shoes are, the better.

A Quokka who is very in touch with her feminine side. Works as a temp. Always wears a smile, and is liked by everyone. Retsuko often gets compared to her unfavorably.

A dispassionate Caracal who works in Marketing. Doesn’t interact much with her coworkers. Though her no-nonsense attitude and solid work ethic have earned her the nickname “Carry Carrie” around the workplace, they haven’t helped her make many friends. Has no problem balancing her job and parental duties. Tends to speak in complicated jargon. Her favorite phrase is “Is everything on schedule?”

An ostrich who works in Marketing. She’s very respectful towards those in positions of power, but turns up her beak at anyone she considers unimportant. While she might look like she’s hard at work, she’s really checking her social media. Despite “Like”ing Giselle’s status updates, she can’t stand the way she shows off her private life constantly.

A vibrant Thomson’s Gazelle that recently joined the Marketing Department. “Call me Gigi~♡, k~?” Acts like she gets along with everyone, and doesn’t care that it annoys the other female employees. Puts all her effort into various studies in an attempt to impress others, but has yet to master anything. Obsessed with hashtags and lattes. The photos on her phone consist of: a selfie, a selfie, a selfie, latte art, a selfie, a shoe selfie, and a selfie.

Yoga Instructor
A kangaroo that shows off their beautifully sculpted body while teaching yoga. Their extremely muscular physique makes it difficult to ascertain their age and gender. Retsuko and co. believed they were a woman at first, but now they’re not sure… Says “Protein” constantly.

A Lesser Panda oft encountered aboard a crowded train. He’s 25 years old, and works in the Sales department of Retsuko’s company. Retsuko fantasizes about him having handsome and attractive facial features, but he’s really just an average-looking guy. He spends his time staring off into space, and is known to pause mysteriously during conversations. Retsuko’s fantasies extend even to these pauses, and she imagines that he is embarking on a soul-searching journey through his mind to find the right words. Her obsession has led her to believe that he has feelings for her, but whether he really does is a mystery.

An Axolotl who never listens to what others are saying. Talks over whomever she’s speaking to and acts as if she’s more familiar with the topic, inevitably steering the conversation towards herself. Goes to a beauty salon called the Ax-a-Lot.

Sees everything in a negative light. Constantly retreats into her shell of doubt, insisting she’s useless and has no redeeming qualities.

A new employee who just joined this year. His brisk manner of speaking makes him seem like he’s a capable worker, but he’s still inexperienced. He is unable to move forward without confirming details far more obsessively than the average person.

A spotted seal. A newly graduated employee with a rude streak born not out of malice, but of obliviousness. Responds to any reprimands she receives as if they were positive. Leading older men around by the nose is her specialty.