Aggressive Retsuko 75

retsu75 post

A couple of cuties, and some wild animals about to eat them D:  Download here.

EDIT: okay one of those fonts I used might not exist by default in Windows, if stuff doesn’t work let me know pls MORE EDIT: actually, at least half of the fonts I used aren’t packed in with it. I need to stop pretending I know what I’m doing at 5am

Tried even more new things this time, including EXCITING NEW FONTS for the intro/outro and screamery. I also gave up on shifting moving text by hand and used that mocha thing that all the normal people use to track stuff. Took a while to figure out what buttons I was supposed to push, but I managed to make that two seconds of scrolling cellphone look okayish. I think I should have rotated its text in 3D or whatever instead of just shearing, but I already spent long enough dicking around with everything else. And I guess the intro and outro stuff should be animated too, shouldn’t they… Maybe if we put up another batch next year >_>

I hope an animal never makes that noise at me, ever.

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4 Responses to Aggressive Retsuko 75

  1. Enamelthyst says:

    Thanks! Any chance you might let us know which fonts we ought to install (or v2 with fonts)?


    • caaaaaaaaaaaw says:

      I think they’re Casmira( for the titles, Trash Hand( for the songs, and I used one of the millions of Helvetica(I don’t know where to get this) variants for the half-closed bit. I have no idea how to pack fonts into things, so I’ll probably just go back to using Arial for everything again and include a zip and all the changed stuff in the next batch.


      • Enamelthyst says:

        Fonts are dead easy—just go to the Attachments tag of MKVToolNix GUI and drop them there. Once the MKV is created, everything will work. (I can’t imagine that you’re using something else to merge your MKVs, but any software that generates MKV files should have a fairly obvious way to add attachments. It’s always a good idea to attach all the fonts your subs use, even if you’re pretty sure everyone should have them.)


    • caaaaaaaaaaaw says:

      Can’t find the reply button on your other comment so I’m replying here >_>
      I read around a bit to see how packing fonts worked, and if that’s really all I need to do then I’ll see if I can get everything working in the next episode(assuming none of the fonts have gigantic filesizes). Thanks for the heads-up.


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