Aggressive Retsuko 71 + other stuff

retsu71 post face

Pretend I wrote something amusing here. Download.

This was a weird episode. The mouth movements in this show aren’t exactly known for their accuracy, but they seemed even weirder than normal this time. Doug’s voice also sounded bizarrely filtered, and everyone made strange faces/what was with Doug’s shirt?

Oh well. I tried doing some slightly fancier things with the subs this time, and I think it worked out well aside from one minor part. Doing gradients and stuff with aegisub apparently takes a million lines of BASIC and I don’t have time for that, so it’ll just have to look a little weird.

Now for the “other stuff”. A few more characters have appeared and been added to our character bios subsection, so I’ll go ahead and explain their meanings behind their names as well. You can check this post here for the others.

Carrie – カラ姐(karane?) I’m actually not sure how the kanji is meant to be read, since they’ve never said her name in the show, but the カラ(kara) part comes from カラカル(karakaru), for caracal. 姐 usually means ‘older sister’, and I guess is some vague reference to her personality?
Yokosawa – Voiced by the actual comedian, Yokosawa Natsuko, who seems to be affiliated with the King’s Brunch thing that Retsuko is part of. Her comedy involves mimicking various personality archetypes, which isn’t really my thing but whatevs.
Armadonna – 真城さん(majiro-san), as in, アルマジロ(arumajiro), for ‘armadillo’. The 城(castle) part of her name might be a reference to her dillousness or something. I’ll let you decide whether the name we chose is based on Madonna, or just Donna.
Doug – 穴井くん(anai-kun). As I mentioned in whatever post his debut was in, 穴熊(anaguma) are badgers(穴 means hole, I’m sure you’ve seen it before if you’ve ever read any doujins).
Lucille – 胡麻川さん(gomakawa-san). From 胡麻斑海豹/ゴマフアザラシ(gomafu azarashi), the spotted seal. She doesn’t have legs and that kind of weirds me out… I’m especially proud of this one.

Speaking of doujins, I’ve translated one! I’m not going to link it here but you should be able to find it on naughtynyaa/sadpanda/maybeotherplaces under the name “(SC62) [antyuumosaku (malcorond)] The Iona Rag (Arpeggio of Blue Steel) [English] [Seiuchi]”. Horse helped edit some of the dialogue. If I do any other things like this they’ll be under the [Seiuchi] tag as well(TL note: seiuchi means walrus). Feel free to leave any feedback about it here.

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  1. Jesu Gormaz says:

    Thank you for this, I love Doug!


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