Aggressive Retsuko 1-55 batch

Hi. Here’s that batch I promised weeks ago. Lots of script fixes, some format and timing fixes as well. I fixed episode 27 too since people were very upset about that. The batch is only episodes 1-55, but it covers the episodes that I wasn’t around for if that bothered you, and conveniently that means it covers the episodes that were magnet-only due to the Nyaa situation. Enjoy the convenience of not having to download 50 individual episodes~.


About Horse

I love cartoons and musics and words and being dead.
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3 Responses to Aggressive Retsuko 1-55 batch

  1. Enamelthyst says:

    I am so, so happy that equine (and walrus-related) beauty still exists in the world. Episode 59 never showed up on Anime Tosho for some reason, so I was beginning to fear that you had been sent off to the great glue-and-pemmican factory in the sky. Thank you!

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  2. sasamaru says:

    Holy shit this is pretty cool

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