The Magical World of Magnets

The tracker we used, Nyaatorrents, is dead. Probably forever. There are other trackers though, so don’t panic. Another reason not to panic: magnet links. These are basically strings of data and if you have them it’s like any other torrent except maybe slower to start. I’ve got a short explanation of how to use them, as well as the magnet links themselves, on our Torrents page. Unfortunately WordPress can’t comprehend magnet links so I can’t make actual links for you guys, but you can still use them by copying and pasting them into your torrent client’s “open torrent from URL/address” option.

They seemed to be downloading very slowly when I tested them, so I’m going to seed the torrents on my second internet connection as well for a while (don’t ask why I have two internets). Hopefully they won’t be as slow as molasses this way, since you know molasses actually killed people in Massachusetts once. If you have any questions or if something isn’t working right, let us know. All our future releases will be magnets only until I decide on a new tracker to use. But I promise magnets are super simple, even if nobody will ever know how they work.


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I love cartoons and musics and words and being dead.
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5 Responses to The Magical World of Magnets

  1. Sarah ;p says:

    Thank you so much for putting a list of the magnets for the episodes. I had no problem in copying them into my torrent (once I figured out NOT to put in the episode#). However, I noticed that nothing is downloading on the bittorrent. The file is still trying to download from Nyaa. I don’t know if that’s just me (being a doofus), but I figured I’d let you know just in case. Thank you again for your hard work!! :)


    • caaaaaaaaaaaw says:

      If you still haven’t gotten it to work, see if you have DHT enabled on your client. That seems to be the main communication method for trackerless torrents, and the only reliable way to find seeds until we find another tracker.

      Or you can add the trackers that other guy listed. Some of the episodes do seem to be seeded through them.


  2. Matt Todd says:

    If your torrent client is having difficulties finding the metadata to download (and therefore the actual data/file),
    And, if you know how….
    then try putting in one (or more) of these trackers [below].
    If someone has already downloaded it, and if they happen to advertise it on the same tracker(s) you add, then your download will start much faster.

    The trackers:









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