Aggressive Retsuko Episode 55

senpai notice me please.png

Here’s your weekly dose of downtrodden animals: episode 55.

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2 Responses to Aggressive Retsuko Episode 55

  1. LINK1733 says:

    Will you guys have an option for like a direct download or something now that Nyaa is gone? I fell behind in getting the episodes downloaded :(


    • caaaaaaaaaaaw says:

      I don’t think we’re allowed to put ddls here…although I’m not really sure if we’re even allowed to link to torrents, either, but since everyone else does it…

      If I can figure out how magnet links work I can put the last four up, but I’d need Horse around for the other ~51 episodes. If you really need to watch them in the meantime, I’m sure most of those seedy streaming sites have up to 55 by now.


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