Aggressive Retsuko Episode 52+53+54


We’re alive! Or at least I am. Here’s the torrents: 52, 53, 54.

I apologize for the delay, Horse has unfortunately been suffering from severe insomnia and other stuff the last couple of weeks, and I wasn’t sure what would be happening. Everyone should send her their love and wellwishes, and wishing wells if you own any, because I’m sure she’d like one of those too. I have no idea when she’ll be back.

Which means that I have had to time and edit these three episodes alone. So, if the mux or the subs or the anythings are messed up, it’s because I have no idea what I’m doing. Yell at me if there’s a problem I might be able to fix. Yell internally if there are no problems but you still feel the need to yell. I might be handling the next few alone as well, depending on how things go.

Also, Doug. His name is Anai(穴井), and Japan calls badgers Anaguma(穴熊), so I’m pretty sure that’s what he is. A holebear. If not, he’s probably still a burrowing weasel-ish thing, so whatever.

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8 Responses to Aggressive Retsuko Episode 52+53+54

  1. Robert says:

    “Sir” was a weird choice when a Retsuko is female…


  2. sasamaru says:

    Get well soon, Horsey-chan!!

    And thanks for the releases, cawwwwwwwwwww. (:


  3. Maria says:

    Ep 53’s translation for foods seems balls off the wall 4Kids dub weird. “Onigiri” is now “sushi”. “Souzai pan” (惣菜パン delicatessen bread or savoury stuffed buns; which means she wants anything they have be it yakisoba pan, curry pan, sausage pan, etc.) is now “salad”. “Melon pan” is now “hamburgers”. “Shokupan” is now “crackers”.

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    • caaaaaaaaaaaw says:

      That’s exactly right. But none of those(bar maybe onigiri) are immediately recognizable to the average westerner, and the actual items aren’t important outside of the fact that they’re foodstuffs one might eat for lunch or a snack.


      • Maria says:

        Isn’t your average anime viewer the target demographic of your subs rather than an average westerner? Only “souzai pan” would be unfamiliar (Shakugan no Shana with Rie Kugimiya’s iconic voice acting made melon pan famous to the point that I still see it sold at anime conventions, shokupan is the staple breakfast anime food esp. for running with it in your mouth but that could have easily been “sandwhich bread” instead of crackers like how Crunchyroll did it for this season’s ACCA 13 Territory as they ate it quite often) but part of the fun of being an anime fan is learning about Japanese culture and what kind of food a late-at-night-office-worker-could-grab-at-a-7/11 could get compared to the stuff an avg anime viewer could get at their local 24/7 convenience store late at night. It doesn’t work for the context b/c sushi, salad, and hamburgers are filling hands-on meals while everything Jap Retsuko listed was a quick light snack that you could cleanly eat one handed over the computer while finishing work. Just enough of an energy boost so that she could get home and have time for a real meal. It also sounds weird to get sushi, salad, and hamburgers from a convenience store late at night…the average anime fan has seen countless shots of conibi and knows the normal stuff sold there at times be it a teen getting bread for lunch or a salaryman who can’t cook for shit late at night (praise chuukaman/Chinese buns that they heat up in the microwave by request!) getting a prepared bento.


      • caaaaaaaaaaaw says:

        While I’m sure there are people out there watching these subs who can recognize these items, such as yourself, we would rather have it be easy to grasp and relate to than have random esoteric names pop up(and god forbid, random TL notes).

        I’m not sure if anime is the best place to learn Japanese culture…but for anyone who does care to, they’re more than welcome to listen to things themselves, and, should they spot any differences in what is spoken and what is written in the subs, they have the option of googling around and trying to identify any potential discrepancies. In most cases, they won’t be losing anything by not being made fully aware of the original, but they have the option to find out. If we wrote “get me some souzai pan”, anyone unfamiliar with it would have to google it just to know what they even said in the first place.

        As for my choice of food items, I’m pretty sure you could eat all of those things one-handed… But these are the kinds of silly things you get without any Horse supervision :p


  4. babibubebo says:

    Thank you guys for the translations! Don’t overwork yourselves, you come first.

    Chiming in on the food translations, I think the gag works regardless of what food Retsuko asks for. Of course, I would prefer literal subs in this case since it’s regarding a proper noun. Retsuko is still Retsuko in English, like Pikachu is still Pikachu, and Sushi is still Sushi.


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