Aggressive Retsuko Character Bios + MEEEEEEEE

Greetings. I am the pot roast of hospitality, and I come bearing gifts! Aggressive Retsuko character bios, for all the good little girls and boys! And for the squids. Keep in mind that we are in no way affiliated with Sanrio, and all of the names we use for characters(aside from Retsuko) are ones that we made up/unofficial. I’ll be adding more each week, whenever new characters make their debut on the show.

I’ll also use this opportunity to introduce myself and talk about random things that nobody cares about. I am a walrus, and I do translate-y and editing things. I also complain about plot inconsistencies and whine when my amazing jokes get canned. Eventually, I’ll have some projects that I spearheaded to post about here, but for now, I’ll give you all some tasty TRANSLATOR NOTES from our work on Retsuko.

OL – Retsuko describes herself as one in the first episode. Pretty self-explanatory: it means “office lady.” While that’s probably not illegal to use in English, it’s more acceptable as a title in Japan than it is over here, so we ditched it.

腰掛け(koshikake) – She’s accused of being one by Hog Honcho in episode 1, and then again in 5. The literal meaning is ‘chair’ or ‘seat’, but it’s a noun mainly used to describe working women who are waiting until a more desirable position opens up somewhere, with plans to leave once that becomes available. It’s also used to describe women who will quit once they get married, so they can devote themselves to housewife stuff. Kind of rude. I’m not aware of any direct parallels in English, but the concept of a ‘stepping stone,’ a job that someone might take while waiting for better opportunities, conveys much of the same meaning.

And…I guess that was it. Puns and everything else should be obvious enough, but feel free to ask about any that don’t make sense. …If you can even manage to find this page.

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4 Responses to Aggressive Retsuko Character Bios + MEEEEEEEE

  1. Enamelthyst says:

    This show rocks and so do you. Thanks for the hysterical bios! (I particularly love, “Always gives powerpoint presentations in Edit Mode.”)

    …This is where I’d normally say something snarkily clever, but apparently my Honesty Gene is in the ascendancy today or something.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. AMH says:

    Will you be adding to the character bios as we meet new characters in the show?
    I really hope so, because now I would like to see the bio about the Yoga Instructor. (because Ep06)


    • caaaaaaaaaaaw says:

      Yup! We’re running a little late this week, but I’ve just added the instructor to the bios page. Enjoy~


      • AMH says:

        Thanks for that!
        Thanks in part to the character bios, and because of the show itself, I’m enjoying this at least as much as many of the full length animé this season!
        Your efforts are appreciated!

        Liked by 1 person

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