Aggressive Retsuko 88+89

retsuface for 88and89.png

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from a month in the past! Unfortunately all you normal people will only be seeing this post in the future, when it’s too late to warn you about the bees. Download here and here.

Christmas turned out to be extremely exhausting, and then I got sick, and then I decided to replay TiTS SC and finally start the 3rd and then go through Cold Steel and…I mean, I got sick. Forever.

Excuses aside, I’ll hopefully be back to normal with spitting these out. Fashion will never be something I’m knowledgeable about, so these kinds of episodes will always be a mix of my logical deductions about whatever the fuck they’re talking about, and things that come up within the first few results on google. 90 is fairly normal so I don’t think that’ll have any problems outside of putting text on the button things. But if that’s too annoying I’ll give up anyway and do something quicker and low effort. Because I’m a professional.

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Aggressive Retsuko 87

retsuface for 87.png

PDA went out of style years ago. Download here.

Coming up with something that says I’M/WE’RE JEALOUS to use at the end that didn’t sound as stupid as that was hard, and I’m worried people will extrapolate lesbian undertones now. Also, Christmas is next Monday, so I’m not sure if it’ll get in the way of next week’s episode if there is one, but it shouldn’t be too delayed if it is.

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Aggressive Retsuko 85+86

retsuface for 85and6.png

After ten thousand years hours minutes it’s free! Download here and here.

Apparently ten thousand hours is actually longer than a year, but ten thousand minutes is barely a week. Who knew? And who knew videogames could be such a big distraction? Me. Which is why I also forgot to mention Xenoblade 2 coming out would delay things in the last post. But I’m mostly over that(haha just kidding I still have hundreds of hours of things to do), so 87 should at least be out this weekend…probably.

The Japanese names in 85 were all mainly drama/tokusatsu actors and whatnot, which doesn’t quite have an equivalent in western media. At least to the extent of their apparent popularity in Asia. So, I tried to google for hot actor guys, but google only gave me names of hollywood dudes, so that’s what you get. For anyone interested, the actualpeople they parodied were Hiroshi Tamaki, Jun Matsumoto, and Hiro Mizushima.

I started a new paragraph but forgot what I was going to type. WAIT NOW I REMEMBERED Retsuko’s getting bigger episodes on Netflix! Or Amazon. I don’t remember and don’t care to google or scroll down to reread what that one guy commented. I’m assuming they’ll be subbed in English by whoever’s hosting them, so hopefully I won’t have to bother with that. Although, who knows what theirs’ll be like. I bet they won’t even have the audacity to contract ‘theirs’ and ‘will’ while trying to pass themselves off as knowing what they’re doing.

Also I remembered what I was actually actually going to type: the tracking for the first phonetext in 85 looks really jittery and bad on my video player but I have no idea how to make it look better and I think this happened in an episode before. Something about scaling+movement doesn’t jive well with aegisub, or at least to a degree of smoothness that won’t be upsetting. It’s not an important piece of text anyway. I may have also accidentally tripled the size of that episode with the fonts I used…

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Aggressive Retsuko 84

beaverface for 84.png

This episode brought to you by the letter 雰囲気. Download here.

In case it wasn’t obvious, this episode’s joke was untranslatable. In Japan(and I imagine any other country that has a non-Roman alphabet writing system but use keyboards with the Roman alphabet on them), they use an input method editor when typing to allow them to convert the letters/hiragana they type into kanji when necessary, because they’ve got millions of those things and you can’t fit them all on one keyboard. Here, beaverlady is mistyping ふんいき(fun’iki) as ふいんき(fuinki), a  common mistake when both spelling and speaking in Japan, and the IME refuses to turn it into 雰囲気, the kanji for the word.

I probably could have chosen a word that’s both misspelled aaaand mispronounced in English, instead of just misspelled, but it would have taken even longer to get the episode out, and I had already wasted a day not understanding how to add automation scripts to aegisub despite doing it once before. Weird/wierd are also conveniently similar in length to the Japanese word.

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Aggressive Retsuko 83

retsuface for 83.png

Lord stop my bleating heart. Download here.

Some of the sheeplines should probably have been more…formal, I think, but we only have so many ways to express formality in English before it takes up a million characters and ruins all your timings. At least they didn’t make me come up with a name but they would totally be named Woolliam if they were a mansheep.

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Aggressive Retsuko 82

retsuface for 82

Doug no, don’t stare into stars. Download here.

Ugh. Ugh. This episode was annoying for several reasons. There’s no real parallel between trendy highschool vernacular between countries, curves are annoying to mask, so many words get repeated/sound the same and that triggers my grammar senses, and the friggin song. I apologize if it’s hard to read, there was no way to make it animate smoothly without spending hours getting all the numbers perfect, or making all the numbers not perfect and making it still look weird. Unless there was, and I’m just too out of the typesetting loop to have heard about it.

Also sorry for the delay, had a lot of other stuff to take care of this week. Next week should be normal hopefully.

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Aggressive Retsuko 81

retsu81 face

Holla holla Jersey dolla. Download here.

Yes, the money doesn’t match up. Murrica money is the only money that matters.

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Aggressive Retsuko 80

retsuface 80

I’d de-friend someone on facebook if they did this to me. Download here.

I decided not to just mask over the time-cards mainly because the final one(the 1 hour) persisted one frame past the blackdrop, and it would have looked weird. And everytime I see the ragesong text, I get the urge to karaoke it and fill in blue, but it’s not a uniform thing across all episodes, so I’d have to do it case-by-case, and….effort.

“Linette”‘s name was vague and could have been like three different animals, because Japan has uninspired names for everything, so I went with something equally vague.

I also 100%’d Mario on Sunday and THERE WAS A SHEEP WITH A SOMBRERO :O

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Aggressive Retsuko 79

retsu79 face

What the hell are those things walking around in the background. Download here.

Didn’t do a couple of minor signs that showed up, too many gradient-y things happening with them and they weren’t important anyway. And the card would have been impossible to mask everything properly, so I just left the text next to the stuff. Laziness everywhere.

Friday is Mario, so next week’s might be up slightly late too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Aggressive Retsuko 78

retsu78 face

Retsuko with the top-notch expressions as always. Download here.

It’s 5am and I’m half asleep, so hopefully nothing got misspelled. I’ve started at scripts on and off for hours before and only noticed errors right before I upload them. Sneaky buggers.


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